Special issue The New Global Studies: "The State(s) of Globality"

Special issue The New Global Studies: "The State(s) of Globality"

The New Global Studies
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01.02.2021 -
Ken Weisbrode

To mark the fifteenth volume of New Global Studies in 2021, we invite proposals for essays on the epistemic authority of ‘the global.’ Essays may cover any historical period. The central questions that this special issue poses are:

How has globality transformed scholarship and public discourse in art, the humanities, and science?

How has globality itself been transformed by globalization?

How has ‘global’ been refined (and/or obscured) during the past few decades by the proliferation of work on global studies, global history, and globalization?

How have global subcultures, regionalisms, and related terms (‘Global South,’ etc.) redefined globality?

What is the evolving relationship between global thought and other geocultural mentalities, concepts, and ideologies (universalism, etc.)?

What might the future hold for globality?

Please send expressions of interest, with abstracts of 500 words and a brief bio-note to the editors, ngseditors@gmail.com by 1 February 2020. Please quote ‘The State(s) of Globality’ in the subject line.

Notification of acceptance will be no later than 1 March 2020. If accepted, full essays (of 7000 to 9000 words) will be due by 1 November 2020.

Review-essays and interviews pertinent to the special issue are also welcome. Please contact the journal editors with any questions.


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