Panel, American Portuguese Studies Association Conference 2020: "Genealogies of the Portuguese-Speaking Black Atlantic"

Provo, Utah
Brigham Young University
Kathryn Sánchez, University of Winconsin-Madison
24.09.2020 - 26.09.2020
Kathryn Sanchez

Through the concept of legacy and genealogy, fitting with the overarching conference theme for APSA 2020, this panel (or possibly panels) aims to explore the Portuguese-speaking Atlantic experience of Portugal, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Angola and Brazil within the broader context of the history, culture and development of post-colonial societies. The idea is to discuss the concept of a “Black Atlantic” extended from the original focus on the Anglophone world to the Lusophone Atlantic, a modern space that defies the limits of what it means to be African, American and European within the Portuguese-speaking world. Papers are welcome on any aspect of contemporary reworkings and new conceptualizations of the Black Atlantic, through readings of literary works, film, cultural performances and representations that navigate the multifaceted constructions of race, gender, class and modern eugenics within the triangular relations of Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa of the Atlantic region. Other related topics could include nationalism and citizenship; “negritudes” in Portuguese; hybridity vs. multi-culturalism; syncretism and new forms of community; materialities of ritual (e.g. birth, death, healing); slavery, migration and exploitation; black aesthetics and performance; transoceanic connections, movements and struggles of African-descended peoples in other parts of the Black Atlantic in relation to Portuguese-speaking countries.


Kathryn Sanchez
University of Winconsin-Madison

Panel, American Portuguese Studies Association Conference 2020: "Genealogies of the Portuguese-Speaking Black Atlantic", 24.09.2020 – 26.09.2020 Provo, Utah, in: Connections. A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists, 06.12.2019, <>.
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