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Yearbook of Transnational History 4 (2021)

Yearbook of Transnational History 4 (2021)
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Thomas Adam
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Vancouver u.a. 2021: Rowman & Littlefield



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Yearbook of Transnational History
Thomas Adam, adam@uta.edu
Adam, Thomas

The Yearbook of Transnational History is dedicated to disseminating pioneering research in the field of transnational history. This fourth volume is focused to the theme of exile. Authors from across the historical discipline provide insights into central aspects of research into the phenomenon of exile in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Both centuries have seen large numbers of people fleeing revolutions, oppression, persecution, and extermination. This volume is the first publication to provide a comprehensive overview over exiles of various political and ethnic groups beginning with the French Revolution and ending with the transfer of Nazi scientists from post-World-War-II Germany to the United States. This volume contains contributions about the refugees created by the French Revolution, the Forty-Eighters who were forced out of Germany after the failed Revolution of 1848/49, the anarchists Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, Vietnamese anti-colonial activists in France, the exiles of Nazi Germany, and the transfer of Nazi scientists such as Wernher von Braun to the United States after World War II.

Table of contents

From Exile to Refugee: Towards a Transnational History of Refuge in Early Nineteenth-Century Europe
Delphine Diaz

The Colors of Exile in the Age of Revolutions: New Perspectives for French Émigré Studies
Friedemann Pestel

The German Forty-Eighters in American Society and Politics
Heike Bungert

The Russian Revolution, the American Red Scare, and the Forced Exile of Transnational Anarchists: Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman and their Soviet Experience
Frank Jacob

Anti-Colonial Comedy: Humor Among Vietnamese Activists in France, 1908-1923
Daniel Brückenhaus

Exile Has No Panorama: On the Historiography of the Forced Migration from Nazi Germany
Adi Gordon

Push-Button Masculinity: Democratic Manhood and Operation Paperclip’s Transnational Transfer of German Aerospace Technology, 1946-1959
Erinn McComb

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