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The Danube Co-operation Process
On the basis of an initiative developed by Austria, Romania, the European Commission and the Stability Pact, the Process was launched on 27/05/2002 by the adoption of a Declaration by the European Commission, the Stability Pact and the 13 participating countries of the Danube Basin. Its objectives, as laid down in the Declaration, are to “broaden and deepen present Danube Co-operation and give it clear political and economic dimensions, without creating new institutions, but taking stock of and using the existing structures and, where necessary, harmonising their objectives and efforts, providing a focus, where appropriate, for their efforts within the Danube region”.

The project
Following the proposal of Austria, the founding conference included in the work program the creation of an internet-based information and communication portal for the Process. This proposal found general approval and Austria was nominated lead partner for its realization.

The main objectives of the internet portal:
· to further the Process by making information about its activities accessible to all interested parties and by allowing interested parties to monitor the same;
· to provide for an uncomplicated access to information about the participants of the Process, their relevant activities as well as to provide general information about the region, all structured according to the six dimensions listed in the Declaration;
· in this context the new portal will endeavor to provide easy access to information contained in already existing internet portals and other sources of information by establishing links;
· to provide for information on the various activities, international organizations and initiatives developed for the Danube Region;
· to provide for a platform for dialogue between different states, groups, sectors, organizations in the region and to facilitate therewith opinion-building about matters of regional importance.

Activities to achieve the targets of the project:
* Technical establishment of the DanubePortal including access possibilities;
* Establishment of focal points by all participants and guests of the DCP;
* Collection of existing sources of information concerning environment, tourism, economy, transport, culture, science, media, regions and providing for links regarding these themes;
* Monitoring of the activities of the DCP;
* Collection of the documents of the Process and of pertinent activities of the participants of the DCP;
* Collection of information about other initiatives and activities of importance to the region and the Process;
* Collection of information on studies and publications of importance to the region, if possible with key words in English;
* Establishment of a platform for dialogue for the main players of the Danube Region on important matters for the region.

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