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    Rev. by Sabine Rutar, Leibniz-Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung, Regensburg
    • Case, Holly: The Age of Questions. Or, A First Attempt at an Aggregate History of the Eastern, Social, Woman, American, Jewish, Polish, Bullion, Tuberculosis, and and Many Other Questions Over the Nineteenth Century, and Beyond, Princeton 2018
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    Rev. by Markus Bauer, Berlin
    • Dumitru, Diana: The State, Antisemitism, and Collaboration in the Holocaust. The Borderlands of Romania and the Soviet Union, Cambridge 2016
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    Rev. by Ian Innerhofer, Konstantin-Philosoph-Universität, Nitra
    • Gross, Stephen G.: Export Empire. German Soft Power in Southeastern Europe, 1890–1945, Cambridge 2015
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    Rev. by Michael Schwartz, Institut für Zeitgeschichte München - Berlin
    • Oltmer, Jochen (Hrsg.): Handbuch Staat und Migration in Deutschland seit dem 17. Jahrhundert. , Berlin 2016
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    Rev. by Pertti Ahonen, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh
    • Bessel, Richard; Haake, Claudia B. (Hrsg.): Removing Peoples. Forced Removal in the Modern World, London 2009
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    Rev. by Miroslav Hroch, Karlsuniversität Prag
    • Dukes, Paul: Paths to a New Europe. From Premodern to Postmodern Times, Basingstoke 2004