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    Rev. by Steffen Wöll, SFB 1199, Universität Leipzig
    • Burnham, Michelle: Transoceanic America. Risk, Writing, and Revolution in the Global Pacific, Oxford 2019
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    Rev. by Wolfgang G. Schwanitz, Middle East Forum, Philadelphia
    • Herf, Jeffrey: Unerklärte Kriege gegen Israel. Die DDR und die westdeutsche radikale Linke 1967–1989. Aus dem Englischen von Norbert Juraschitz, Göttingen 2019
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    Rev. by Adrian Ruprecht, History Department, Bern University
    • Roth, Hans Ingvar: P. C. Chang and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Philadelphia 2018
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    Rev. by Ulf Engel, Institute of African Studies, Leipzig University
    • Doss, Alan: A Peacekeeper in Africa. Learning from UN Interventions in Other People’s Wars, Boulder 2020
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    Rev. by Chris Saunders, University of Cape Town
    • Naumann, Katja; Loschke, Torsten; Marung, Steffi; Middell, Mathias (Hrsg.): In Search of Other Worlds. Essays towards a Cross-Regional History of Area Studies, Leipzig 2019
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    Rev. by Sophie Dunn, School of History, University of St Andrews
    • Lemmen, Sarah: Tschechen auf Reisen. Repräsentationen der außereuropäischen Welt und nationale Identität in Ostmitteleuropa 1890–1938, Köln 2018
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    Rev. by Lynn Schler, Department of Politics and Government, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    • Harshé, Rajen: Africa in World Affairs. Politics of Imperialism, the Cold War and Globalisation, London 2019
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    Rev. by Ulf Engel, Institut für Afrikanistik, Universität Leipzig
    • O'Malley, Alanna: The Diplomacy of Decolonisation. America, Britain and the United Nations During the Congo Crisis 1960–1964, Manchester 2018
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    Rev. by Isabella D’Angelo, University of Bologna
    • Jazeel, Tariq; Legg, Stephen (Hrsg.): Subaltern Geographies, Athens, GA 2019
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    Rev. by Arianna Pasqualini, University of Bologna
    • Mark, James; Kalinovsky, Artemy M.; Marung, Steffi (Hrsg.): Alternative Globalizations. Eastern Europe and the Postcolonial World, Bloomington 2020
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    Rev. by Andreas Renner, Historisches Seminar, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    • Afinogenov, Gregory: Spies and Scholars. Chinese Secrets and Imperial Russia’s Quest for World Power, Cambridge, MA 2020
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    Rev. by Reuben Loffman, Queen Mary University of London
    • Foster, Elizabeth A.: African Catholic. Decolonization and the Transformation of the Church, Cambridge 2019
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    Rev. by Ozan Zakariya Keskinkilic, Diversity Studies/ Rassismus und Migration, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin
    • Cârstocea, Raul; Kovács, Éva (Hrsg.): Modern Antisemitisms in the Peripheries. Europe and its Colonies 1880-1945, Wien 2019
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    Rev. by Regina Campinho, University of Coimbra/University of Lorraine
    • Hellman, Lisa: This House Is Not a Home. European Everyday Life in Canton and Macao, 1730-1830, Leiden, Boston 2019
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    Rev. by Florian Wagner, Historisches Seminar, Universität Erfurt
    • Georgi, Fabian: Managing Migration?. Eine kritische Geschichte der Internationalen Organisation für Migration (IOM), Berlin 2019
    • Bradley, Megan: The International Organization for Migration. Challenges, Commitments, Complexities, London 2020
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    Rev. by Lidia Zessin-Jurek, Masaryk Institute and Archives, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
    • Connelly, John: From Peoples into Nations. A History of Eastern Europe, Princeton 2020
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    Rev. by Sabine v. Löwis, Research Area ‘Conflict Dynamics and Border Regions’, Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), Berlin
    • Hoch, Tomás; Kopeček, Vincenc: De Facto States in Eurasia., Milton 2019
    • Malyarenko, Tetyana; Wolff, Stefan: The Dynamics of Emerging De-Facto States. Eastern Ukraine in the Post-Soviet Space, Abingdon, Oxon 2019
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    Rev. by Christopher J. Lee, Department of History, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania
    • Getachew, Adom: Worldmaking after Empire. The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination, Princeton 2019
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    Rev. by Michele Sollai, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) Geneva
    • Becker, Felicitas: The Politics of Poverty. Policy-Making and Development in Rural Tanzania, Gent 2019
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    Rev. by Ahmad Rizky M. Umar, School of Political Sciences and International Studies, University of Queensland
    • Alexanderson, Kris: Subversive Seas. Anticolonial Networks across the Twentieth-Century Dutch Empire, Cambridge 2019
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