Area Studies and Politics

Area Studies and Politics

Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA)
Palmer House Hilton
United States
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31.03.2011 - 03.04.2011
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The MPSA conference has several sections that relate to politics in different parts of the world, including Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Caribean, Europe and the former Soviet Republics. In 2010, more than 5,100 presenters from the United States and 55 countries throughout the world presented almost 4,000 research papers. And, while declining acceptance rates have made it more difficult to appear on the program, networking opportunities are increasing due to additional MPSA-hosted receptions. Opening Reception Wednesday night; Exhibitor Reception Thursday evening; President's Reception Saturday night. Everything happens in the newly restored Palmer House Hilton in Downtown Chicago, a centrally located, accessible city for travelers. Non political scientists who present at the conference can register at the member rate.

Paper submission deadline: October 8, 2010
Poster submission deadline: December 3, 2010

Program Co-Chairs:
Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Aarhus University, Denmark; Laura A. Reese, Michigan State University; Tracy Sulkin, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Please remember to submit a proposal to present at the 2011 MPSA National Conference.

Comments from Past Participants:
"The MPSA is one of the largest and most diverse political science conferences; providing scholars with great opportunities to exchange ideas, network, and spend a few days in one of the most enjoyable cities anywhere."
-David F. Damore, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"The substantial intrinsic pleasures of being in Chicago aside, the MPSA's tremendous variety of panels means ready opportunities for collegial interaction."
-Charles Rubin, Duquesne University

"High quality work without the frenzied feeling of a larger conference. It makes Midwest a lot more relaxed and fun than other conferences of similar quality."
-Ethan Scheiner, University of California, Davis


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Midwest Political Science Association
320 West 8th Street, Suite 218
Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone: 812.558.0588
Fax: 812.335.1510
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