15.07.2022 Anupama Mohan (Presidency University, Kolkata), Esther de Bruijn (King’s College, London), Cynthia Quarrie (Concordia University, Montreal)

In this volume of essays, we invite scholars to explore a myriad of literary forms from all around the globe that reposition historical traditions and foreground transmodernity as a valuable conceptual tool for rethinking literature and translation (as product and process) in and for the new century.

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Rev. by Dietmar Neutatz, Historisches Seminar, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Ein Rückblick auf das „deutsch-russische Jahrhundert“

Die destruktive Politik Russlands unter Präsident Putin gegenüber der Ukraine, die mit der Annexion der Krim 2014 und der Unterstützung separatistischer Bestrebungen im Donbass ihre ersten Höhepunkte erlebte, hat in Deutschland Diskussionen über eine Neubestimmung des deutsch-russischen Verhältnisses ausgelöst.

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Falling Statues around the Atlantic
Ed. by Ulrike Schmieder and Michael Zeuske

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By Alena N. Petrushkevich


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was established with the signing of an agreement between five countries – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia – in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on 29 May 2014. The agreement came into force at the beginning of 2015.

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Conference Reports
18.11.2021 - 19.11.2021 Mikko Toivanen, Munich Centre for Global History; Andreas Greiner, German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.
By Alexandra Hamann / Eleyne Wenninger / Anosh Samuel, German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C.

The often-neglected interconnection of global tourism and imperialism was at the heart of this workshop. Tourism triggered processes of change in colonial territories, however, simultaneously it created and reinforced colonial and hierarchical structures between colonisers and colonised. Despite the obvious entanglements, tourism represents a desideratum in the historiography of imperialism – it has been considered merely a marginal phenomenon and has often been trivialised, as organiser Mikko Toivanen pointed out.

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