Connections continues geschichte.transnational

Connections continues the work of geschichte.transnational, which has been published as a review forum since 2004. Today, Connections broadens the perspective by also addressing global and transregional as well as transnational entanglements that increasingly characterize our present world.


13.10.2017 - 14.10.2017 IHTP-CNRS & LARCA (UMR 8225) - Université Paris Diderot

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The Séminaire Histoire de la mode (IHTP/CNRS) and the LARCA (Université Paris Diderot) are organizing a joint international conference, which is the latest in a series on cultural exchanges in fashion, which have included “Haute couture, fashion and consumption, France and England, 1947-1957 (April 11 2014), “French-American Exchanges in Fashion,” (April 15, 2016), and Franco-German Exchanges in Fashion (October 10-12, 2016).

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Moyn, Samuel: Christian Human Rights, Pennsylvania 2015
Rev. by Hannah Müller-Sommerfeld, Universität Leipzig

Samuel Moyn, gegenwärtig einer der profiliertesten Historiographen der westlichen Menschrechtsdiskurse seit der zweiten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts[1], hat dem Ozean an Menschenrechtsliteratur einen weiteren Tropfen hinzugefügt, wenngleich keinen neuen. Seinem Buch „Christian Human Rights“ liegen vier bereits veröffentlichte Beiträge zugrunde.

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Projects - Miscellaneous

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser von H-Soz-Kult,

nachfolgend finden Sie eine Aufstellung der zuletzt neu ins Themenportal Europäische Geschichte eingestellten Artikel, Essays, Materialen und Quellenauszüge.


*Maximilian Buschmann, „That Most Terrible Weapon“. Hungerstreik und Zwangsernährung in der europäischen Geschichte des frühen 20.

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Conference Reports
28.07.2016 - 29.07.2016 Laureate Research Program in International History, University of Sydney
By Quinn Slobodian, Department of History, Wellesley College

Organized by Glenda Sluga (Sydney) and Jamie Martin (Sydney) within the framework of the multi-year Laureate Research Program on “Inventing the International,” this workshop brought together a group of mostly junior scholars who apply the methodology of intellectual, political, and cultural history to the topics of the economy and economics often neglected by mainstream historiography in the decades since the cultural turn.

The tone of the workshop was set in a public lecture delivered by VANESSA OGLE (Philadelphia) which used archival insights to explain the rise of tax havens as a development strategy in the era of decolonization and what she follows Pierre Veltz and others in calling the global “archipelago economy.” Ogle profiled some of the main players of the “avoidance industry,” adepts at establishing and promoting “offshore” bastions for mobile capital both scattered across the global periphery and in the heart of the world’s most economically powerful nations.

The conference panels began by exploring the nascence of global economic imaginaries in moments of geopolitical crisis.

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