Book series with Peter Lang: Imagining Black Europe

Book series with Peter Lang: Imagining Black Europe

Tiffany N. Florvil (University of New Mexico); Vanessa D. Plumly (Lawrence University)

United Kingdom
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01.01.2022 -
Tiffany Florvil

This series seeks to publish critical and nuanced scholarship in the field of Black European Studies. Moving beyond and building on the Black Atlantic approach, books in this series will underscore the existence, diversity and evolution of Black Europe. They will provide historical, intersectional and interdisciplinary perspectives on how Black diasporic peoples have reconfigured the boundaries of Black identity making, claim making and politics; created counterdiscourses and counterpublics on race, colonialism, postcolonialism and racism; and forged transnational connections and solidarities across Europe and the globe. The series will also illustrate the ways that Black European diasporic peoples have employed intellectual, socio-political, artistic/cultural, affective, digital and pedagogical work to aid their com- munities and causes, challenge their exclusion and cultivate ties with their allies, thus gaining recognition in their societies and beyond.

Representing the field’s dynamic growth methodologically, geographically and culturally, the series will also collectively interrogate notions of Blackness, Black diasporic culture and Europeanness while also challenging the boundaries of Europe. Books in the series will critically examine how race and ethnicity intersect with the themes of gender, nationality, class, religion, politics, kinship, sexuality, affect and the transnational, offering comparative and international perspectives. One of the main goals of the series is to introduce and produce rigorous academic research that connects not only with individuals in academia but also with a broader public.

Areas of interest:
• Social movements
• Racial discourse sand politics
• Empire, slavery and colonialism
• Decolonialization and postcolonialism
• Gender, sexuality and intersectionality
• Black activism(in all its forms)
• Racial and political violence and surveillance
• Racial constructions
• Diasporic practices
• Race and racialization in the ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary eras
• Identity, representation and cultural productions (music, art, literature, etc.)
• Memory
• Migration and immigration
• Citizenship
• State building and diplomacy
• Nations and nationalisms

All proposals and manuscripts will be rigorously peer reviewed. The language of publication is English. We welcome new proposals for monographs and edited collections.

Series Editors: Professor Tiffany N. Florvil (University of New Mexico)
and Professor Vanessa D. Plumly (Lawrence University)


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