The 23rd International Conference on the History of Concepts: Global Modernity. Emotions, Temporalities and Concepts

The 23rd International Conference on the History of Concepts: Global Modernity. Emotions, Temporalities and Concepts

History of Concepts Group; Research area “Global History” of Freie Universität Berlin; Center for the History of Emotions, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
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02.09.2021 - 04.09.2021
Anja Berkes

Unfortunately the conference, which we had originally planned for September 2020, and then for February 2021 has once again to be postponed.
All the papers and panels, which were already accepted, retain their status. Please just inform us whether you would still be interested in presenting at the new date.
We expect, however, that there will be free slots and therefore also invite new applications until September 1, 2020. Please see below for the details.

The 23rd International Conference on the History of Concepts, organized by Sebastian Conrad and Margrit Pernau on behalf of the History of Concepts Group (HCG), brings together scholars from all disciplines interested in conceptual history. It offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on the problems and practice of the history of concepts and fosters the international network of conceptual historians.
The motto of the 2021 conference “Global Modernity. Emotions, Temporalities and Concepts” takes up two prominent movements within conceptual history: its globalization and its increasing interest in temporalities and brings them into conversation with the history of emotions.
The organizers welcome proposals for papers or panels focusing on the conference motto, not excluding proposals on any other aspect of conceptual history, particularly to problems of theory and methodology.
Proposals can address, but are not limited to the following topics:
- Rethinking concepts and conceptual history from the global South
- Conceptual history and analytical concepts
- Conceptual history and the history of language, images and sounds
- Conceptual history and the history of emotions and of the body
- Temporalities and emotions
- Concepts of modernity
- Concepts relating to time and temporality
- Emotion concepts
Proposals for panels (3 speaker and 1 commentator, or 4 speakers) should not exceed 800 words; proposals for individual papers should not be longer than 300 words. The speaker’s name, institutional affiliation, major publications (not more than 5) should be added. Please also indicate whether you hold a PhD or not (at the time of the conference). Panels will last two hours. The language of the conference is English.
Please send your proposals to as a Word Document. The deadline for sending in proposals is September 1, 2020. Participants will be notified by the end of October.
The exact conference fees will depend on the results of our application for funding, we expect that they will be around 150 € (reduced fees apply for students). This also includes a one-year subscription to our journal, Contributions to the History of Concepts. We also hope to be able to offer financial assistance to a very restricted number of scholars (again, depending on available funding). As the need for such assistance will certainly be larger than the money available, we will restrict it to PhD students and currently unemployed scholars from the Global South. If you fall in this category, please mention it in your application.


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Margrit Pernau

Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung
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