The Asian Review of World Histories 1 (2013), 1

The Asian Review of World Histories 1 (2013), 1
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The Asian Review of World Histories
Korea, Rep. of
Hyun Hur Managing Editor eMail:
Ji-Hyung Cho

Asian Review of World Histories publishes original research articles and book reviews to advance research, teaching, and public discussion on world historical studies in or for the Asian region. It also seek participation of those who identify themselves as ‘global’, ‘world’, ‘transregional’, ‘comparative’, ‘international’, and ‘big’ historians, and all others with interest in ‘connected’ study of the past. The journal also acts as a forum for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary conversations and collaboration of historians with scholars in adjoining disciplines including and with global historical scholars in all parts of the world.

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Arif DIRLIK: Thinking Modernity Historically: Is “Alternative Modernity” the Answer?

MOMOKI Shiro: Local Rule of Đại Việt under the Lý Dynasty: Evolution of a Charter Polity after the Tang-Song Transition in East Asia

Tae-Jin YI: Neo-Catastrophism and a New Global Interpretation of History

Dennis O. FLYNN and Marie A. LEE: East Asian Trade before/after 1590s Occupation of Korea: Modeling Imports and Exports in Global Context

Review Article

David CHRISTIAN: Modernity Through the Eyes of a Palaeontologist

Book Reviews

Dominic SACHSENMAIER. Global Perspectives on Global History: Theories and Approaches in a Connected World
Reviewed by Hye Jeong PARK

Hong LIU. China and the Shaping of Indonesia 1949–1965
Reviewed by Keng We KOH

Peter GRAN. The Rise of the Rich: Beyond Eurocentrism
Reviewed by ZHANG Weiwei

Masashi HANEDA. Atarashii Sekaishi e—Chikyu Shimin no tame no Kosou [Towards New World History: A Conception for Global Citizenship]
Reviewed by Shigeru AKITA

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