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The Asian Review of World Histories 2 (2014), 1

The Asian Review of World Histories 2 (2014), 1
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Asian Association of World Historians
Twice a year in January and July



Organization name
The Asian Review of World Histories
Korea, Rep. of
Hyun Hur Managing Editor eMail: arwh.editor@gmail.com
Cho, Ji-Hyung

Table of contents

The Little Ice Age and the Coming of the Anthropocene, Ji-Hyung CHO

Okakura Kakuzō’s Art History: Cross-Cultural Encounters, Hegelian Dialectics and Darwinian Evolution, Masako N.RACEL

US Aid and Taiwan, Wei-chen LEE and I-min CHANG

Time and Newsweek’s Coverage of the Arab Uprisings in 2011: A Content Analysis Survey, Ahmed Ibrahim ABUSHOUK

Review Articles
The Silk Road in World History: A Review Essay, Alfred J. ANDREA

Book Reviews
Philippe Beaujard, Les mondes de l’océan Indien [The Worlds of the Indian Ocean], reviewed by Rila MUKHERJEE

Rachel LAUDAN, Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History, reviewed by Sang-ho RO

Giorgio RIELLO, Cotton: The Fabric that Made the Modern World, reviewed by Kazuo KOBAYASHI

Shigeru AKITA, Igirisu Teikoku no Rekishi—Ajia kara kangaeru [The History of the British Empire from Asian Perspectives], reviewed by Woonok YEOM

Christian W. SPANG, Karl Haushofer und Japan. Die Rezeption seiner geopolitischen Theorien in der deutschen und japanischen Politik [Karl Haushofer and Japan: The Reception of His Geopolitical Theories in German and Japanese Politics], reviewed by Stefan HÜBNER

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