Commodity Frontiers 1, Fall 2020

Commodity Frontiers 1, Fall 2020
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Mineral Frontiers

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Commodity Frontiers
Commodity Frontiers Initiative
Eric Vanhaute

Commodity Frontiers aims to provide robust and freely accessible
content on the past, present, and future of commodity frontiers, from diverse perspectives and positionalities. We strive for “real-time” reports and reflections on contemporary issues and events, as well as contributions that link the past and present of capitalism and the countryside, providing longer historical viewpoints on problems that are often assumed to be modern.

Contributions in this issue take up the commodity frontier lens in various ways. They deal with a range of minerals and frontiers: gold, copper, coal, lithium, “green energy”, and seabed and ocean floor mining. More than this, the articles highlight various approaches to the study of, and engagement with, capitalism’s mineral frontiers.

Table of contents

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction
Mindi Schneider, p. i

Feature Article
Gold is not for Eating: Conflicts Related to Gold Mining in Burkina Faso
Bettina Engels, p. 1

Studying Commodity Frontiers
Making Sense of Global Gold Mining
Boris Verbrugge and Maria Eugenia Robles Mengoa, p. 7

Teaching Commodity Frontiers
Teaching Extraction and its Discontents: A Conversation with Anna Zalik
Gayatri Menon, p. 12

Historians take on the Present
Copper, Llamas and a Virus: A Tale of Historically Entangled Frontiers
Hanne Cottyn, p. 16

Commodity Frontier Political Ecology
Frontiers of the Green Energy Transition: An Interview about Lithium Mining in South America
Maria Cariola, p. 22

Conflicts, Frictions, and Counternarratives
Anti-Mining Conflicts and Degrowth
Julien-François Gerber, p. 28

Creative Frontiers
On-Trade-Off: Countering Extractivism by Transnational Artist’s Collaborations
Lotte Arndt and Oulimata Gueye in close exchange with the members of
_On-Trade-Off, p. 32

From the Field
“COVID-19 has Crippled Our Struggle”: An Interview with Pinky Langa
Sithandiwe Yeni, p. 43

Mining and Historical Capitalism: Book Reviews
Leonardo Marques, p. 48

WWF’s “Living Planet Report 2020” and the Long History of Capitalism
Ulbe Bosma, p. 53

The End of Naïve Europe, The Rise of Green Imperialism
Alberto Vázquez Ruiz, p. 56

Events and Announcements
Claudia Bernardi, 60

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