Global Networks 21 (2021), 3

Global Networks 21 (2021), 3

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Global Networks – A Journal of Transnational Affairs
United Kingdom
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Original Articles

Qualitative network analysis for migration studies: Beyond metaphors and epistemological pitfalls
Louise Ryan, Janine Dahinden
Pages: 459–469

Personal network analysis from an intersectional perspective: How to overcome ethnicity bias in migration research
Başak Bilecen
Pages: 470–486

The networked refugee: The role of transnational networks in the journeys across the Mediterranean
Alessio D'Angelo
Pages: 487–499

Understanding the structures of transnational youth im/mobility: A qualitative network analysis
Andreas Herz, Alice Altissimo
Pages: 500–512

Networking in contexts: qualitative social network analysis' insights into migration processes
Marta Kindler
Pages: 513–528

How do migrants’ processes of social embedding unfold over time?
Miranda J. Lubbers, José Luis Molina, Christopher Mccarty
Pages: 529–550

Mixed‐method social network analysis for multi‐sited transnational migration research
Valentina Mazzucato
Pages: 551–566

Telling network stories: researching migrants' changing social relations in places over time
Louise Ryan
Pages: 567–584

Transnational mobility networks and academic social capital among early‐career academics: beyond common‐sense assumptions
Martine Schaer, Cédric Jacot, Janine Dahinden
Pages: 585–607

Beyond structural determinism: advantages and challenges of qualitative social network analysis for studying social capital of migrants
Elena Sommer, Markus Gamper
Pages: 608–625

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