Graduate School “Cultural Encounters and the Discourses of Scholarship”, University of Rostock

Recent articles

Tagber: Decolonizing “Prehistory”: Deep Time and Topological Knowledge in the Americas
Gesa Mackenthun, DFG Project “Constructions of American Antiquity”, Universität Rostock; Alexander Bräuer / Stefan Krause, Institut für Anglistik/Amerikanistik, Universität Rostock
Schwerin 21.06.2018 - 23.06.2018

Tagber: Gender and Empire. Exploring Comparative Perspectives and Intersectional Approaches
Ulrike Lindner / Dörte Lerp, University of Cologne
Köln 23.09.2015 - 26.09.2015

Tagber: An ‚Imperial Cloud‘. Did a Collective Imperial Reservoir of Knowledge Exist in the 19th and 20th Century?
University of Rostock
Rostock 18.09.2014 - 20.09.2014