International Research Network of Young Historians of European Integration (RICHIE)

International Research Network of Young Historians of European Integration (RICHIE)

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International Research Network of Young Historians of European Integration ()
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The RICHIE network aims to foster contacts between young researchers in European history, who are too often isolated within fields of research that are very compartmentalised. It is run by a team of young PhD students and academics from several European countries. The network has multiple means of action, with two purposes:

- To promote scientific cooperation, organising conferences and working groups
- To broadcast academic information: electronic mailing-list, agenda of upcoming events, Richie Europa Newsletter, useful links.


The history of European integration is a relatively new subject, which is benefiting from the opening of an ever growing number of archival sources. But, the young researchers are suffering from a lack of international collaboration. Too often, the historiographical fields are isolated from one another.

The RICHIE association (Réseau International de jeunes Chercheurs en Histoire de l'Intégration Européenne/International Research Network of Young Historians of European Integration) aims to facilitate contacts between young researchers in order to overcome this gap.

Fields of Research

The history of European integration is approached from a large perspective, associating also the countries of Eastern Europe and the perspective of candidate or external states, such as the United States. It covers amongst others the political and economic history, as well as the history of international relations.

Thus defined, the history of European integration goes beyond the mere history of interstate relations, as well as beyond strict domestic history of the different European states. It is not aiming to take a teleological stand, either for or against European construction.


- A big annual conference, where it seeks to regroup the maximum number of researchers so they can present their work. The first conference, held on 31 March and 1 April 2005 in Paris, included 28 young researchers of 13 different nationalities, as well as 9 professors of 6 different countries, amongst the biggest experts in this field of research. Other scientific events for young researchers, such as workshops of a more modest scale, are also planned.
- In order to circulate information about scientific events (new publications, conferences, calls for papers), a mailing list was created in April 2005. It now has more than 110 subscribers.
- To give visibility to the RICHIE association, this website was launched in october 2005 (
- Finally, the RICHIE association is organising thematic free workshops, which regroup young researchers working on similar themes.

The RICHIE network foster the development of every young researchers initiatives. Therefore, it has concluded partnerships with other associations working in connected areas.

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