World History Research Registry

World History Research Registry

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World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh ()
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United States
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25.09.2009 -
Manning, Pat

This is to announce the creation of the World History Research Registry, hosted by the World History Center at the University of Pittsburgh. This registry is intended to provide a convenient and authoritative catalog of global historical research projects now under way.

In this initial announcement, the Registry includes eight projects under preparation by scholars from many parts of the world. (Links to individual projects are at the right of the Registry's web page.) Descriptions of each project include information on the author and a 1000-word description of the project.

geschichte.transnational readers are invited to make use of the Registry and to submit your own research projects for inclusion in the list. Scholars working on any aspect of world, global, universal, transnational, or comparative history - for large projects or small projects - are encouraged to submit information for listing on the Registry.

You may fill out information in a form available on the Registry web page, or you may submit information or queries to:

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