Entangled Spaces - Global Connections and Local Articulations: Portals of Early Modern Globalization and Creolization During the Era of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (EGL)

Weiss, Holger

The EGL-project focuses on local articulations and reflections of proto globalization in the Atlantic world during the age of the slave trade. It studies via seven case studies interconnected and entangled spaces through various portals of globalization, such as port towns in the Caribbean, in West Africa or in the Baltic, slave plantations in the Caribbean or in West Central Africa, or church settlements in the Angolan hinterland. All case-studies combine a microhistorial approach with meso- and macro-level analyses to study the multidimensional and complexity of the eighteenth century Atlantic world. The project is a continuation of the CINDAST-project and it financed by the Academy of Finland (project nr 252857, 1.9.2011-31.8.2015).

Case studies:
- Spaces of Creolization in Eighteenth Century West Central Africa
(Kalle Kananoja)
- Weather Extremes and Climatic Anomalies and their Societal Impact in
the Danish West Indies (Stefan Norrgård)
- The Place of Animals in the Early Modern Atlantic World (Laura Hollsten)
- Gendered and Affective Colonial Spaces in Oldendorp’s Account of the Danish West Indies (Anders Ahlbäck)
- Taste, Personal Preferences and Consumer Choices in the Atlantic World During the Eighteenth Century (Anna Sundelin)
- Scandinavian Free Ports in the Caribbean: A Comparative Analysis of Spaces for Transatlantic and Intracaribbean Exchanges (Victor Wilson)
- Entangled Spaces of the Early Modern Atlantic: Europeans, Africans and Afro-European on the Danish Guinea Coast ca 1750-1850 (Holger Weiss)

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