E-book series on “Global and Transnational Studies”

E-book series on “Global and Transnational Studies”

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Victor Roudometof

This book series intends to publish academic works (edited volumes and short or full-length monographs) that cover developments in the emerging field of Global and Transnational Studies. The goal is to offer a publication outlet that can accommodate the growing interest of the scholarly community in the study of globalization, global-local relationships, cosmopolitanism and transnational connections. The ability to transcend a regional focus and incorporate a global dimension into the analysis is a major desideratum. Submissions that offer the opportunity to place local developments in a broader global context and those that use a global frame of reference to analyze local developments are also welcome. In an era of increased costs and decreased resources, this series intends to offer an efficient means for the circulation of new research results and fresh perspectives in this field. The series can accommodate both selections of papers presented in annual meetings or specialized conferences as well as submissions for monographs.

Scope: Global and Transnational Studies is broadly understood as encompassing a range of issues and topics that address the growing interconnectivity of various regions of the globe. Contributions are invited both from social-scientific and humanist disciplines (sociology, political science, international relations, mass communication, geography, history & anthropology) & various inter-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary fields (cultural studies, area studies, gender studies, cosmopolitan studies, peace & conflict resolution). Both theoretical analysis and empirical research (quantitative, qualitative and/or historical) are welcome. There are no geographical restrictions but all submissions need to include or address the global dimension of a particular topic.

Book Series Editor: Victor Roudometof
Victor Roudometof has held appointments at Princeton University, Washington and Lee University and Miami University (OH) while currently he is at the University of Cyprus. His research interests include globalization, culture, nationalism, transnationalism, diaspora, and religion. He is the author, editor or co-editor of 14 monographs, volumes or special issues of refereed journals. He is also the author of over 60 articles and book chapters. Currently, he is a member in the international advisory boards of the journals Nations and Nationalism, European Journal of Social Theory and Religions. He has also served as reviewer for 35+ international refereed journals, international agencies, national organizations and publishers. For a full profile, see www.roudometof.com.

Proposals: MDPI and Victor Roudometof welcome your contributions. If you are interested to publish in this series, you may fill out the book proposal form (http://books.mdpi.com/series/2) and describe the aims and scope of your prospective contribution. Please state in what way your work is relevant for this series and include a current CV and your list of publications. You may submit your proposal to Ms. Laura Simon via e-mail (books@mdpi.com) or post (MDPI AG, Klybeckstrasse 64, 4057 Basel, Switzerland).

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Publishing Institute), a company formed in Basel, Switzerland, in 1996, offers scholars a typically Swiss publishing experience, which includes a fast but precise editorial and publication procedure, as well as thorough peer-review for all published items. The MDPI Books project encompasses all the benefits of open access: high availability and visibility, as well as wide and fast dissemination. With annual research output increasing exponentially, libraries face immense challenges with regard to their budget and space capacities. In comparison with traditional book printing, open access publications save costs, space and time and promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge in a globalized world.

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