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Kira Thurman

We would like to introduce you to our newly founded H-Net group focused on the study of Europe and the Black Diaspora: H-Black-Europe (https://networks.h-net.org/h-black-europe). H-Black-Europe provides a discussion forum for scholars, intellectuals, and activists who are interested in studying the Black Diaspora to Europe and Black European culture and history. In addition to serving as a central hub for scholarly activity, we aim to connect different and fragmented scholarly communities together who research Black European studies. Our broad framework and shared interest in discussing topics such as racism, gender and sexuality, nationalism, colonialism, globalization, multiculturalism, and transnationalism permits and encourages different kinds of intellectuals and activists to come together to find common ground.

The primary goals for H-Black-Europe are: to enable scholars in many different disciplines (history, modern languages and literature, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, et. al.) to more easily engage with one another in current research; to facilitate discussion on new books, articles, methods, and tools of critical analysis; to explore these issues as they relate to the overall development of the Black European Studies and other similar subject matter (postcolonial studies, critical race theory, nationalism, etc.); to collect and circulate materials related to the teaching of Black European Studies; and to serve as a clearinghouse for events (conferences, workshops, projects, websites, etc.) dealing with the study of Europe and the Black Diaspora. H-Black-Europe welcomes questions concerning research, literary recommendations, historiographical debates, and the teaching and application of Black European Studies.

We encourage you to join our group and to familiarize yourselves with our site: https://networks.h-net.org/h-black-europe. And when you have something to say, by all means have a go at creating a new discussion post.

We look forward to cultivating a dynamic scholarly group!
The H-Black-Europe Editors and Advisory Board

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