International Dictionary of Intellectual Historians (IDIH)

International Dictionary of Intellectual Historians (IDIH)

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Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel ()
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Wolfenbüttel, Germany
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01.01.2004 -
Günther, Falk-Thoralf

International Dictionary of Intellectual Historians (IDIH) is a project based at the Herzog August Bibliothek (Wolfenbuettel, Germany) and carried out in cooperation with the International Society for Intellectual History. It provides a database listing twentieth-century authors with important historical works which have marked the understanding of intellectual history.

Up to 1000 intellectual historians, from various countries and disciplines, will be listed with bio-bibliographical information and an article outlining their work. The database contains (as of August 2004) 800 entries and continues to grow. You may consult four sample articles.

There are three major criteria: 1) Main works published between 1900 and 1970. 2) Main works, including at least one wide-ranging historiographical narrative of some originality. 3) Main work(s) with considerable impact (direct or indirect) nationally or internationally. These criteria are not absolutely exclusive and are in some cases subject to discussion within the academic community at large.

Each article in the IDIH will contain the following sections:

* general information about the author (dates and places), sex, fields of study, reference works (if applicable), name of contributor
* main works
* biographical information
* general characterization of the work(s)
* method(s) applied
* impact
You are invited to contribute! The IDIH is a work in progress with the help and participation of scholars worldwide. If you are interested in suggesting entries or participating actively in the work of the dictionary, please contact us!

Discussion forum. In addition to entry suggestions for the IDIH, we will offer a discussion forum for intellectual exchange of ideas among scholars worldwide. The aim is to create a free and stimulating forum where scholars can generate a discussion related not only to the immediate goals of the IDIH but also to larger intellectual ideas.

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