Human Affairs invites submissions of papers for next issue about "Constructing Histories"

Human Affairs invites submissions of papers for next issue about "Constructing Histories"

Department of Social & Biological Communication, Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava
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15.12.2004 -
Hadler, Frank

History is still a very effective instrument through which peoples as well as individuals define their identity. Following the “linguistic turn”, all concepts of history have been understood as constructs. The symbolic interconnection of history with the past and politics powerfully influences public discourses in post-communist countries where it has come to a challenge to the official version of history, removal of false historical descriptions and restoration of historical truth. The current era in the history of this part of Europe faces the need to reclaim older, or perhaps to create new, foundational myths for the sake of the development of national and political life. Even within a wider European context, a “new” society cannot be born without constructing and reconstructing histories.


HUMAN AFFAIRS invites submissions of papers for its next issue

(VOLUME 16, NUMBER 1, JUNE 2006)

devoted to an exploration of the above topic. Contributions drawing on all fields of the humanities and the social sciences, but also transcending them, are welcome focusing primarily (though not exclusively) on issues such as:

- History as a principle of legitimation
- The role of social actors in constructing historical narratives
- Territorial changes and transformations of national histories
- Ideological management of “Western” and ”Eastern” grand narratives
- Imperial dimension in history writing
- Political aspects of historiographical language
- Textualization, visualization and ritualization of historical memory
- History and the “duty to memory”
- The social and political meaning of history

Submission Guidelines
Please follow the guidelines for submissions as stated on the cover or the website of HUMAN AFFAIRS.
Abstracts due: June 15, 2005 (in English, Slovak, Czech)
Manuscripts due: December 15, 2005 (in English, Slovak, Czech)

All information and communications concerning submissions should be addressed to the Editorial Office.

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Department of Social & Biological Communication
Slovak Academy of Sciences
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