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20.04.2005 - 21.04.2005
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The theme of the 15th Annual ASEN Conference is ‘Nation and Empire’, a topic that has attracted considerable recent attention in the field of ethnicity and nationalism studies, focusing on key moments of historical transition formative to the emergence of national identities and therefore pivotal towards understanding how modern nation-states confront critical political issues today.

The conference will be divided into two parts. The first day will take the form of a plenary session in which six speakers – Selim Deringil, Peter Heather, Geoffrey Hosking, Dominic Lieven, Michael Mann and Alexander Motyl – will examine the themes of the conference from the standpoint of their own regional and/or disciplinary focus, exploring the interrelationship between nation and empire in the context of different empires during different periods of history from different theoretical perspectives. The day will conclude with a round table discussion during which all of the conference participants will have an opportunity to put questions to the presenters as a group.

The second day of the conference will consist of a series of panel discussions, in which papers will be presented exploring the relationship between empires and their constituent nations and ethnicities. Themes will include the role of ethnicity and nationalism in the decline of empire, representation of imperial pasts in the mythology, symbolism and iconography of modern nations and ethnicities of both the former imperial core and periphery, as well as the relevance of nation and empire to current international politics. These sessions will aim to provide participants with a systematic analysis of the interaction between nation and empire, allowing for wide ranging discussion of a number themes/issues arising from this dynamic.


NATION AND EMPIRE Wednesday 20 April
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE

8:30 – 10:00 Registration: Shaw Library (6th floor, Old Building)
9:45 – 10:00 Welcome Address
10:00 – 10:30 Dominic Lieven – ‘Empire and Nation’
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee
11:00 – 11:30 Peter Heather – ‘Ethnicity and the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire’
11:30 – 12:00 Selim Deringil – ‘Religious Conversion, Citizenship and Identity in the Late
Ottoman Empire’
12:00 – 12:30 Discussion
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 14:30 Geoffrey Hosking – ‘Rulers or Victims?: The Russian People in the Soviet
14:30 – 15:00 Michael Mann – ‘The New and Incoherent American Empire: Further
15:00 – 15:30 Discussion
15:30 – 16:00 Tea
16:00 – 16:30 Alexander Motyl – ‘Is Everything an Empire? Is Empire Everything?’
16:30 – 17:15 Round Table discussion (moderated by: Krishnan Kumar)
17:15 – 17:30 Closing remarks

PANEL SESSIONS Thursday 21 April
9:00 – 9:30 Old Theatre – Introductory Remarks
All panel sessions will take place in Connaught House, LSE.

9:30 – 11:00 H101 – Turkey: From Empire to Republic
Ayla Gol Secular nations and Muslim ‘umma’: Emergence of Turkish and Arab
nationalisms at the end of the Ottoman Empire
Dragos Mateescu From Empire to Republic – The Turkish Secular Political Establishment
Gizem Zencirci The Construction of ‘National Public’ via Republic Holidays in the Early Turkish
Republican Period

H102 – Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Empire
Tomas Balkelis Provincials and the Empire: the Making of the Lithuanian National Elite, 1883-1905
Mark Jubulis Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Communism? The Question of ‘Empire’ and
the Emergence of Nationalism in the Soviet Union
Raffass Tania The Soviet Empire: Some Historical and Critical Comments on Current Theories

H105 – The Habsburg Empire and After
Larissa Douglass All the Kaiser’s Compromises: Formulas for Imperial Salvation and National
Representation in Late Habsburg Austria
Milosh Kovitch Protector, Neighbour, and Enemy: Habsburg Empire and the Serbs (1780-1914)
Werner Suppanz The Would-Be Kakanians. The Habsburg Monarchy and the Identity Politics of
the Austrofascist Régime, 1933-1938

H201 – American Expansion and Conquest
Juan Manuel Carrión Puerto Rico and the American Empire
Robert Odawi Porter American Indians, Legal Imperialism, and the Struggle for Self-determination
Don Doyle Manifest Destiny, Race, and the Limits of Expansion

H202 – Empire and the Development of Canadian Identity
Aya Fujiwara Myths and Images of the Empire, Homelands, and the New Nation: Canadian
National Identity and Ethnicity in the 1920s and 1930s
Wolfgang Kretschmer Integrating Empire: the British Empire and Canada
George Richardson ‘Steeped in the Liquid of Imperialism:’ Education, National Identity and the
Persistence of Empire in Canadian Schools 1945-1970

H216 – Comparing Memories of Empire
Atsuko Ichijo Empires and the (trans)formation of national self-definition: Britian and Japan
Charles Nuckolls Re-Imaging the Nation in Japanese Popular Culture
Vanita Sharma Contested Memories and National Identity: Indian and Pakistani Memories of
the Partition of British India

11:30 – 13:00 H101 – Empire and Ethnicity in Antiquity
Kevin Osterloh Empire and the Reinvention of Collective Identity: The Rise of Roman
Hegemony in a Hellenistic World
Julia Wilker Nation or Empire?: The Roman integration of near eastern dynasts, the
formation of a new imperial elite and its implications for Roman identity
Arum Park Thucydides' Athenian War

H102 – Exhibiting Empire
Caroline Kisiel National Portrait Galleries of England and United States: Faces of Nation
and Empire, Past and Present
Claire Sutherland Repression and Resistance: French Colonialism as seen through
Vietnamese Museums
Susan-Mary Grant The Empire of the Mind: Representations of American Empire from the Colonial
Era to the Present Day

H105 – Nation and Empire: Contributions From International Relations
Bryan Mabee The Imperial Moment?: Discourses of Empire in US Foreign Policy
David Ryan The Empire ‘for’ Liberty: Foreign Policy Constructions of US Identity, The Other
and Negative Liberty
Nick Bisley American Power in the Asia-Pacific: Hegemon, Empire or simply ‘Least Distrusted’

H201 – The British Empire in the Middle East
James Renton Justifying Empire: Britain, Nationalism and the Modern Middle East during
the Great War
Allon Gal The Complex Disintegration of the British Empire and the Nationalist Cases
of India and Israel (1947-1948)
Rebecca Kook The Impact of the British Mandate on the evolution of Israel/Jewish nationalism

H202 – Nationalism in Modern Russia
Elise Giuliano The Emergence of Nationhood : A Discourse Analysis of Ethnic Minority
Nationalism in Russia, 1990-1993
Stefanie Ortmann Post-Soviet Russian ‘nation-building’ as state-building – the creation of a
Russian post-imperial ‘state identity’
Willfried Spohn Empire, Nation-State, and Collective Identity. Modernisation Pattern and
Modernity in Germany and Russia in Comparison

H216 – Resisting Empire
Wind Edward Kim Resisting Empire: 2,000 Years of Korean Strategies
Lisa Keary The Tibetan Nation and Its Struggle for Legitimacy
Joanna Crow Contested Discourses on the National Narrative: ‘Chilean-ness’, ‘Mapuche-ness’
and the Araucanian warriors’ struggle against Spanish colonial rule

14:15 – 15:45 H101 – America: Nation or Empire
Sibylle Scheipers Compassionate Imperialism – US Human Rights Policy and Imperial Sovereignty
Daniele Conversi American nationalism versus American empire
Bernard Cook American Images and Perceptions of Power and Empire: The Delusion
of Benevolence

H102 – Demography under Imperial and National Rule
Philip Kreager The Enigma of Population Membership: A Short History
Mitchell Young Land and People: the Demography and Discourse of Land Reform in
Christian Leuprecht Political Demography of Ethnic Violence: Comparative Evidence on Pathdependency
from Mauritius and Fiji

H201 – After the Ottomans: Nationalism and the Kurds in Turkey
Janet Klein Kurdish Nationalists and Non-Nationalist Kurdists: Rethinking the Ottoman Case
Umut Azak ‘Dark Age’ versus ‘Golden Age’: Contesting Myths of the Ottoman Empire in
the Nationalist Discourses in Turkey (1946-1960)
Cenk Saracoglu After The Empire: The Historically Specific Formation Of Kurdish Nationalism
In Turkey

H202 – Reaction to the British Empire
Francois-Pierre Gingras Religion and French-Canadian Nationalism in the British Empire
James Kennedy Empire through the Looking Glass: Responding to Empire in Scotland and Québec
Ben Wellings Nation and Empire in Australian Nationalism

H216 – National-Cultural Autonomy as the Legacy of the Habsburg Empire
Geneviève Nootens National Cultural Autonomy and State Sovereignty
Roni Gechtman Multinational State, Not Nation State: The Jewish Labour Bund and the
Question of Nationalities in Interwar Poland
Geoffrey Braham Levey National-Cultural Autonomy and the Jews
Ephraim Nimni National Cultural Autonomy as a form of Multicultural Nationalism

16:15 – 17:45 H101 – Monuments and Memory
Carol Brash Ghosts Pounding on the Great Wall: Contemporary Memories of the Great
Wall of China
Cheng-hua Wang From Imperial Treasures to National Legacy: The Institute for Exhibiting
Antiquities, 1914-1919
Stephen Heathorn ‘The long retreat of stone Generals’: Imperial Memory, Decolonisation and the
Repatriation of Imperial Monuments from Sudan, 1956-60.

H102 – Nation in the British Empire
Gareth Knapman Nation: the Undermining Contradiction within the British Empire
Virginie Barrier The British imperial policy of decolonisation and the affirmation of post-colonial
nations through the Rhodesian question
David Lambert Nation on a stony ground? ‘Loyal’ Gibraltar and the shadows of the British Empire

H105 – Africa After Empire
Elliott Green Adrian Hastings and African Ethnonationalism: A Case Study
Yacoob Abba Omar One Empire, Two Nations: The Case of Oman and Zanzibar
Matthias Waechter The French Empire in collective memory

H201 – Empire and the Caucasus
Aurélie Campana The rise of separatist movements in North Caucasus after the break-up of the
Soviet Union
Vladimir Rouvinski The Ethnic Enclosure: Language, Ethnic Boundaries and the Rise of Smaller
Nations in the South Caucasus
Itir Bagdadi Ok and The Clash of Empires: How Today’s National Trajectories of the Caucasus is
Ozan Arslan a Legacy of the Historic Conflict Between Ottomans and Russians: the Case
of Azerbaijan

H202 – The Ottoman Empire and After
Ipek Yosmaoglu-Turner Imagined Orthodoxies: Christian Peasants and National Identity in
Ottoman Macedonia
Esra Bulut Imperial Legacies and Turkish Reactions to Conflict in the Balkans
Vangelis Kechriotis Hellenism and Empire: the public debate on civic identity vs. ‘historical rights’
in Izmir during the second constitutional period (1908-1912)

H216 – China between Empire and Nation
Jing Tsu Diasporic Frontiers, Empire, and Nation in China
Tong Lam Converting Imperial Subjects to National Citizens: The Census Reform of
Late-Qing China
Mike Shi-chi Lan Between Empire and Nation: The Taiwanese Transition from Japanese
Subjects to Chinese Citizens, 1945-1947

18:00 Closing address
19:00 Conference dinner

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