America, the Middle East, and the Divided Germany

America, the Middle East, and the Divided Germany

Editor of "Germany and the Middle East, 1871-1945" German Orient Institute, Hamburg
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08.02.2005 -
Schwanitz, Wolfgang G.

We are pleased to announce a follow-up project which is dedicated to the comparative study of the history of the regions "America, Middle East, and Central Europe". The outcome will be a book to be published in a German version in Germany and in an English version in the United States.

It continues the research done by a group of scholars in the related two previous publications of 2004 "Deutschland und der Mittlere Osten" (Germany and the Middle East, Leipzig) and "Germany and the Middle East, 1871-1945", Princeton NJ. Thus, we aim at bilingual contributions or both of the planned publications that are expected to be published in the next year.

Now we deal with the period of the Cold War in Europe and the shooting wars in the Middle East. We are interested in the whole diversity of topics and approaches among various disciplines. We seek to establish again an international forum for current topics among historians and other scholars according to their current research area. Based on new archival studies and other sources we encourage especially good overviews of problems in the mentioned triangle of historical regions and inter-regional relations. So far there are contributors for the following topics (the time line is 1946-1991):

"Gharbi am Sharqi?" Middle Eastern Paradigms of Bonn and East Berlin

Cold War in the Desert: Werner Otto von Hentig and the Middle East Policy

The Chancellor's Middle Eastern Desk Officer: Dr. Herman Voigt of Bonn

America, the Palestinian Liberation Movement, and the Divided Germans

Between Cold and Shooting Wars in the Middle East: Iran and the Germans

Broadcasting to the Middle East: The Legacy of Radio Berlin International

Triangular Development of Islamic Communities in Munich and Germany

The Reorientation of Foreign Soldiers Posted in Algeria and Si Mustafa

Contributions are invited for the following regions, countries or cases too:

Problems of the Twofold German Policy toward Israel and Jerusalem

Caught in the for Corners of Ankara - Washington - Bonn - East Berlin

The State Department, two German Foreign Offices, and the Middle East

Al-Maghrib al-Arabi: America, the Arab West, and the Competing Germans

The Gulf Region from American, German, and Inter-regional View Points

Articles should be submitted first in German and later in English. We except electronic copies of the manuscripts. Articles should have one page summaries. The editor will make appropriate changes to unify the whole text body. We choose the transliteration of the Middle East Journal for regional languages. Contributors are to email the copies plus three documents or illustrations. Manuscripts should have a length of the usual twenty pages (size 12, space 1,5) including end notes. Authors ought to state their name and academic affiliation at the end of the essay, then: born in year..., main research, three lines cv, the three most recent books or other publications, and the e-mail contact address.

References should be made according to The Chicago Manual of Style, style A, for the English version (see Germany and the Middle East, 1871-1945), and for the German version in the below mentioned style of notation:
Book: Klaus Jaschinski, Julius Waldschmidt (Hg.): Des Kaisers Reise in den Orient 1898. Berlin 2002, S. 12.
Volume chapter: Julius H. Schoeps: Theodor Herzls Palästina-Reise und die Vision des Judenstaates in seinem Roman "Altneuland". In: Klaus Jaschinski, Julius Waldschmidt, a.a.O., S. 75.
Journal article: Uwe Pfullmann: Die deutsch-saudiarabischen Beziehungen und die Akteure auf der Arabischen Halbinsel. In: Comparativ, 14.1 (2004) S. 86-106.

Email pithy outlines until 16.03. to Wolfgang G. Schwanitz The German contributions are due on June 15, 2005. The English articles are due on July 20, 2005. The all in all submission deadline is October 12, 2005.


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Wolfgang G. Schwanitz
German Orient Institute, Hamburg

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