Journal of Global History 1 (2006), 1

Journal of Global History 1 (2006), 1
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Journal of Global History
United Kingdom
Journal of Global History, Room A288, London School of Economics and Political science, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE, UK
Kahlert, Torsten

A new issue of the Journal of Global History has been made available:

Table of contents


William Gervase Clarence-Smith, Kenneth Pomeranz and Peer Vries
pp 1-2
Free access (pdf)


Historiographical traditions and modern imperatives for the restoration of global history
Patrick O’Brien
pp 3-39
Free access (pdf)

Merchants, migrants, missionaries, and globalization in the early-modern Pacific
Luke Clossey
pp 41-58
Free access (pdf)

River control and the evolution of knowledge: a comparison between regions in China and Europe, c . 1400–1850
Karel Davids
pp 59-79
Free access (pdf)

The rapid growth of Egypt’s agricultural output, 1890–1914, as an early example of the green revolutions of modern South Asia: some implications for the writing of global history
Roger Owen
pp 81-99
Free access (pdf)

Energy crisis and growth 1650–1850: the European deviation in a comparative perspective
Paolo Malanima
pp 101-121
Free access (pdf)

The worldwide economic impact of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1793–1815
Kevin H O’Rourke
pp 123-149
Free access (pdf)

Book Review

The Global History Reader By Bruce Mazlish and Akira Iriye, eds. London and New York: Routledge, 2005. Pp. x + 302
A.G. Hopkins
pp 151-152
Free access (pdf);aid=414365#page=1

Britannia’s Empire: Making a British World By Bill Nasson, Stroud, UK: Tempus, 2004. ISBN: 0 7524 2958 2. £20 (hardback).
Nicholas J. White
pp 152-152
Free access (pdf);aid=414368#page=2

Palgrave Advances in World Histories By Marnie Hughes-Warrington, ed. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire & New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. Pp. 286. ISBN 1-4039-1278-5
Arturo Giráldez
pp 153-153
Free access (pdf);aid=414371#page=3

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