Journal of Genocide Research 12 (2010), 3/4

Journal of Genocide Research 12 (2010), 3/4
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New York 2010: Routledge
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Journal of Genocide Research
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Zimmerer, Jürgen

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President: Jürgen Zimmerer (Hamburg)
Vice President: Henning Melber (Uppsala)
Executive Secretary: Nigel Eltringham (Brighton)
Vice Executive Secretary: Jan-Bart Gewald (Leiden)

Journal of Genocide Research - the official INOGS Journal

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Journal of Genocide Research 12:3&4 (2010)


Stephen Wertheim: A solution from hell: the United States and the rise of humanitarian interventionism, 1991-2003, pp. 149-172.

Hilmar Kaiser: Regional resistance to central government policies: Ahmed Djemal Pasha, the governors of Aleppo, and Armenian deportees in the spring and summer of 1915, pp. 173-218.

Stener Ekern: The modernizing bias of human rights: stories of mass killings and genocide in Central America, pp. 219-241.

Debate: The Question of Genocide in Palestine

Martin Shaw; Omer Bartov: The question of genocide in Palestine, 1948: an exchange between Martin Shaw and Omer Bartov, pp. 243-259. (FREE ACCESS:


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