The New Global Studies 15 (2021), 2-3

The New Global Studies 15 (2021), 2-3
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special issue on globality

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Munich 2021: de Gruyter
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New Global Studies
United States
Weisbrode, Ken

New Global Studies has published a special anniversary double issue to honor the memory of its founder, Bruce Mazlish.

Table of contents


The State of Globality in a (Post)-COVID World
Manfred B. Steger

Fear of Disconnecting: Global Health Imaginations and the Transformations of the Taiwanese State
Po-Chia Tseng

Globality and Entangled Security: Rethinking the Post-1945 Order
Fiona B. Adamson, Kelly M. Greenhill

Retrospective Redundancy: The Anthropocene and the Crisis of Historical Comprehension
Alexandre Leskanich

Against Global Literary Studies
Jacob Edmond

“The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”: Globality and Our Common Dystopian Eco-Apocalyptic Science Fiction Streaming Future
N. Megan Kelley

International Relations, New Global Studies, and the Epistemic Power of the Image
Tommaso Durante

What’s Wrong with the Global? The Interconnected Roles of Inequality, Migrancy, Criminality, Religion, Class, and Caste in India
Abhisek Ghosal, Saswat Samay Das

What’s Happened to Global News?
Alexa Robertson

Coda: Ten Questions on Globality
The Editors, Dipesh Chakrabarty

Review Essays

Ludger Kühnhardt and Tilman Mayer: The Bonn Handbook of Globality
Pamela Crossley

Sean Metzger: The Chinese Atlantic; Karel Davids: Global Ocean of Knowledge
Jeremy Black

Brian Russell Roberts: Borderwaters: Amid the Archipelagic States of America
Heather H. Yeung

Sianne Ngai. Theory of the Gimmick: Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form
Dominic Smith

Book Reviews

Trond Undheim: Pandemic Aftermath: How Coronavirus Changes Global Society
Irene Langran

Stephen Wertheim: Tomorrow the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy
Justus D. Doenecke

David Sepkoski: Catastrophic Thinking: Extinction and the Value of Diversity from Darwin to the Anthropocene
Brian F. O’Neill

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