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Call for papers for the international conference:

The Hungarian Optants Question in transnational perspectives. International organizations and legal dispute settlements of economic and minority problems in the interwar period

University of Bucharest, 15-16 June 2023

Rez. von George Morton-Jack, Oxford

This book’s title suggests a focus on the Indian soldier in the First World War, yet its scope is broader. “It is part of a new trend in the First World War studies away from the Eurocentric point of view that prevailed for many years towards a greater awareness of the global dimensions of the conflict”, its editors remark in the introduction (p.


Every Book an Adventure: The Walter Markov Prize Turns 30
Ed. by Katja Castryck-Naumann and Matthias Middell

Von Katharina Wiedlack, University of Vienna; Masha Godovannaya, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna; Ruthia Jenrbekova, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna; Iain Zabolotny, University of Vienna

Introduction [1]

In this paper, we present our art-based research methodology called “The Dream Machine” that aims at analyzing and supporting queer lives in different post-Soviet locations by offering safer ways of creating and archiving evidence of various queer forms of existence. We argue that the development of a new research methodology that draws on art practices and approaches rather than on more conventional tools and methods of academic research became crucial during the last decade due to the increase in homo- and transphobic violence in post-Soviet regions and the surge in precariousness that LGBTIQAP+ visibility and transparency create.

We come from different post-Soviet and Western spaces, such as Kazakhstan, Russia and Austria, and various backgrounds, such as queer-feminist activism, research, performance and experimental film, and, thus, analyze the situation from different perspectives.

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