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Comparativ 31 (2021), Vol. 5/6

Comparativ 31 (2021), Vol. 5/6
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Transimperial Histories of Knowledge: Exchange and Collaboration from the Margins of Imperial Europe

Comparativ is edited by Matthias Middell and Hannes Siegrist (ReCentGlobe, Leipzig University) on behalf of the European Network in Universal and Global History and published with Leipzig University Press
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Transimperial Histories of Knowledge: Exchange and Collaboration from the Margins of Imperial Europe
Ed. by Claire Louise Blaser, Monique Lichtenberg, and Josephine Selander

Table of contents

Editorial, pp. 525f.
Aufsätze | Articles
Claire Louise Blaser / Monique Ligtenberg / Josephine Selander
Introduction: Transimperial Webs of Knowledge at the Margins of
Imperial Europe, pp. 527-539.

Pernille Røge
Colonialism and Abolitionism from the Margins of European Empires:
Paul Erdmann Isert, Carl Bernhard Wadström, and the Structures of
Transimperial Knowledge Production, c. 1780–1800, pp. 540-554.

Monique Ligtenberg
Contagious Connections: Medicine, Race, and Commerce between Sumatra, New Guinea, and Frankfurt, 1879–1904, pp. 555-571.

Moritz von Brescius / Christof Dejung
The Plantation Gaze: Imperial Careering and Agronomic Knowledge between Europe and the Tropics, pp. 572-590.

Claire Louise Blaser
Sanskrit Roots in the Swiss Idiotikon: Early Indology in Switzerland between National Identity Formation and European Imperial Imaginaries, pp. 591-611.

Josephine Selander
Spiritual Entrepreneurs: Competing Theosophists and the Making of
Alternative Spirituality in the Swedish Press (1900–1925), pp. 612-630.

Nadin Heé
Transimperial Opportunities? Transcending the Nation in Imperial Formations, pp. 631-638)

Martin Wagner
Entanglement and Rivalry: Encountering “the Other” in Harbin’s Education,
1906–1932, pp. 639-653.

Hasan Aksakal
The Reception of the Frankfurt School in Turkey: Past and Present, pp. 654-669.

Rezensionen | Reviews
Sanjay Subrahmanyam: Europe’s India. Words, People, Empires, 1500–1800, Cambridge MA / London 2017
by Matthias Middell, pp. 670f.

Andrew B. Liu: Tea War. A History of Capitalism in China and India,
New Haven / London2020
by Peer Vries, pp. 672-676.

Hubert Bonin: Banking in China (1890s–1940s): Business in the French
Concessions, London 2020
by Mariusz Lukasiewicz, pp. 677f.

Arunabh Ghosh: Making it Count. Statistics and Statecraft in the Early
People’s Republic of China (Histories of Economic Life), Princeton / Oxford 2020
by Martin Bemmann, pp. 679-681.

Ulrich Mählert / Felix Wemheuer et al. (Hrsg.): Machterhalt durch
Wirtschaftsreformen. Chinas Einfluss in der sozialistischen Welt (= Jahrbuch für historische Kommunismusforschung 2020), Berlin 2020
by Alice Trinkle, pp. 682-684.

Sean Metzger: The Chinese Atlantic. Seascapes and the Theatricality of
Globalization, Bloomington 2020
by Rossella Ferrari, pp. 685-687.

Anne Booth: Living Standards in Southeast Asia. Changes over the Long
Twentieth Century, 1900–2015, Amsterdam 2019
by Vincent Houben, pp. 688f.

Max Trecker: Red Money for the Global South. East-South Economic
Relations in the Cold War, Abingdon 2020
by Besnik Pula, pp.690-692.

Sara Lorenzini: Global Development. A Cold War History, Princeton 2019
by Bence Kocsev, pp. 693-697.

Elijah Nyaga Munyi / David Mwambari / Aleksi Ylönen (eds.): Beyond History. African Agency in Development, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution, New York 2020
by Ulf Engel, pp. 698-700.

Paul J. Kohlenberg / Nadine Godehardt (eds.): The Multidimensionality of
Regions in World Politics (= Routledge Series on Global Order Studies),
London/New York 2021
by Ulf Engel, pp. 701-703.

Bailey Stone: Rethinking Revolutionary Change in Europe. A Neostructuralist Approach, Lanham et al., 2020
by Matthias Middell, pp. 704f.

Claudia Varella / Manuel Barcia: Wage-Earning Slaves. Coartación in
Nineteenth-Century Cuba, Gainesville 2020
by Michael Zeuske, pp. 706-709.

Roger Chickering: Karl Lamprecht. Das Leben eines deutschen Historikers
(1856–1915). Aus dem amerikanischen Englisch übersetzt von Sabine vom Bruch und Roger Chickering, Stuttgart 2021
by Matthias Middell, pp. 710-713.

Andrew Phillips / J. C. Sharman: Outsourcing Empire. How Company-States made the Modern World, Princeton / Oxford 2020
by Oliver Krause, pp. 714f.

Kenneth Lipartito / Lisa Jacobson (eds.): Capitalism’s Hidden Worlds
(Hagley Perspectives on Business and Culture), Philadelphia 2020
by Paul Franke, pp. 716-718.

Julia Adeney Thomas/Geoff Eley (eds.): Visualizing Fascism. The Twentieth-Century Rise of the Global Right, Durham: Duke University Press, 2020
by Nathalie Patricia Soursos, pp. 719-721.

Gordon Johnston / Emma Robertson: BBC World Service. Overseas Broadcasting, 1932–2018, London 2019
by Stacy Takacs, pp. 722f.

Vladimir Tismaneanu / Bogdan C. Iacob (eds.): Ideological Storms. Intellectuals, Dictators, and the Totalitarian Temptation, Budapest 2019
by Victoria Harms, pp. 724-726.

Norbert Fabian: Wirtschaft – Reformation – Revolution, vol. 1: Vergleichende, soziohistorische Strukturgitteranalysen, vol. 2: Wyclifs Sozialethik, der Aufstand von 1381 und Übergänge zur Moderne (= Studien zur historischen Gesellschaftswissenschaft, vols. 1 and 2), Münster 2020
by Matthias Middell, p. 727.

Danielle Allen: Politische Gleichheit. Frankfurter Adorno Vorlesungen 2017,
Berlin 2020
by Helmut Goerlich, pp. 728-732.

Alexander Tischbirek: Die Verhältnismäßigkeitsprüfung. Methodenmigration
zwischen öffentlichem und Privatrecht (= Studien und Beiträge zum Öffentlichen Recht, Bd. 35), Tübingen 2017
by Helmut Goerlich, pp. 733-736.

Annotationen | Annotations
Emily Kenway: The Truth About Modern Slavery, London 2021
by Ruth Ennis, p. 737.

Essai sur la monarchie autrichienne en son état actuel en 1790, a cura di
Derek Beales e Renato Pasta, Florence 2018
by Matthias Middell, p. 738.

Nancy L. Green: The Limits of Transnationalism, Chicago 2019
by Antje Dietze, p. 739.

Inhaltsverzeichnis des 31. Jahrgangs 2021 | Contents of Vol. 31, 2021
pp. 740-748.

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