Comparativ 32 (2022), Vol. 2

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Comparativ 32 (2022), Vol. 2
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Every Book an Adventure: The Walter Markov Prize Turns 30

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Every Book an Adventure: The Walter Markov Prize Turns 30
Ed. by Katja Castryck-Naumann and Matthias Middell


Editorial, pp. 151f.
Aufsätze | Articles
Matthias Middell
The Walter Markov Prize: A Look Back at 30 Years of Global History, pp. 153-171.

Andreas Greiner
“Those Were Difficult Days Indeed”: Transport Labour in German
East Africa’s State-Organized Caravans, pp. 172-189.

Annabel Ruckdeschel
Circulation of a Centre-Narrative: The “École de Paris” and Exhibition
Networks between Santiago de Chile, Recife, São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro,
and Paris (1921–1930), pp. 190-207.

Ismay Milford
On the Unreachability of Anti-colonial Internationalism, pp. 208-215.

Isaak van Dijke
The Tielman Brothers as Wanderer ohne Ziel: A Post-colonial Perspective
on Indorock, pp. 216-227.

Siga Maguiraga
Malian Student Mobility to Turkey through the Lens of Historically
Marginalized Actors, pp. 228-244.

Katja Castryck-Naumann
“Mafia Tactics” and Spirited Improvisation: Walter Markov and
the International Congresses of Historical Sciences, pp. 245-263.

Marie Huber
Putting a Nation on the Map: The Construction of a Geographical Imaginary
through the Project for a National Atlas of Ethiopia, 1962–1987, pp. 264-288.

Rezensionen | Reviews
Jorun Poettering: Migrating Merchants: Trade, Nation, and Religion in
Seventeenth-Century Hamburg and Portugal, Berlin/Boston 2019
by Tanja Zakrzewski, pp. 289f.

John Connelly: From People into Nations: A History of Eastern Europe,
Princeton 2020
by John C. Swanson, pp. 291f.

Adom Getachew: Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of
Self-Determination, Princeton 2019
by Thomas Lindner,pp. 293-295.

Andreas Fahrmeir (Hrsg.): Deutschland. Globalgeschichte einer Nation,
München 2020; Christoph Cornelißen/Dirk van Laak (Hrsg.): Weimar und
die Welt. Globale Verflechtungen der ersten deutschen Republik, Göttingen 2020
by Thomas Adam, pp. 296-299.

Pierre Rosanvallon: Das Jahrhundert des Populismus. Geschichte, Theorie, Kritik, Hamburg 2020
by Hana Antal, pp. 300-303.

Felix Wemheuer: A Social History of Maoist China: Conflict and Change,
1949–1976, Cambridge 2019
by Jan Zofka, pp. 304f.

B. M. Jain: The Geopsychology of International Relations in the 21st Century: Escaping the Ignorance Trap, Lanham et al. 2021
by Hartmut Elsenhans, pp. 306-309.

Autorinnen und Autoren | Authors
p. 310.

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